Behind the Green Door – (1972)

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Movie: Behind the Green Door

Year: 1972

Also Known As: A zöld ajtó mögött

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Genres: Adult | Drama

Cast: Marilyn Chambers, George S. McDonald, Johnnie Keyes, Elizabeth Knowles, Yank Levine, Toni Attell, Ben Davidson, Adrienne Mitchell, Dana Fuller, Dale Meador…

Plot: Two men enter a fast food place. The owner asks them about a mysterious matter. After some considerations, one of the two guys accepts to tell the story. Here starts a long flashback: the two men are in a terrace, next to a lake, and one is telling the other a story. A woman sits at a table nearby. Later the same woman is kidnapped. When the blindfold is removed, a woman welcomes her. After a relaxing massage, she is accompanied by 6 women, into a stage, in front of masked men, and women of all kinds. A speaker explains that the woman will be pleased, by all means. The 6 women first, and later some men make love to her, while the audience progressively move into a orgy. This is the end of the flashback. The owner of the fast food place asks what happened after that time, but the men refuse to tell…

Rated: 6.0/10 from 1,047 votes on IMDb

Release Date: (UK)

Runtime: 72

Tagline: N/A

Countries: USA

Directors: Artie Mitchell, Jim Mitchell

Writers: Anonymous

Budget: $60,000

Languages: English

Location: San Francisco, California, USA