Johnny Slade's Greatest Hits – (2005)

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Movie: Johnny Slade's Greatest Hits

Year: 2005

Also Known As: N/A

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Genres: Comedy | Crime | Music

Cast: John Fiore, Vincent Curatola, Dolores Sirianni, Richard Portnow, Douglas Stevens, Frank Santorelli, Ray Iannicelli, John Tromboli, Joseph R. Gannascoli, Dossy Peabody…

Plot: Down-and-out lounge singer Johnny Slade is hired by a mystery man to open a hot new club, the catch being he's given a new–and terrible–song to sing each night. Noticing that whenever he sings one a new crime is committed, Johnny gradually realizes his songwriter-benefactor is a powerful mob boss in hiding and his "Greatest Hits" are the only way the man can give orders to his crew…

Rated: 6.0/10 from 134 votes on IMDb

Release Date: N/A

Runtime: N/A

Tagline: A little talent… can be a dangerous thing

Countries: USA

Directors: Larry Blamire

Writers: John Fiore, Larry Blamire

Budget: N/A

Languages: English

Location: Tewksbury, Massachusetts, USA