Kiss Toledo Goodbye – (1999)

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Movie: Kiss Toledo Goodbye

Year: 1999

Also Known As: Krestnyy cynok

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Genres: Comedy | Thriller

Cast: Michael Rapaport, Christopher Walken, Robert Forster, Christine Taylor, Jamie Anderson, Nancy Allen, Paul Schulze, Paul Ben-Victor, Saul Stein, Robert Pineā€¦

Plot: A young man suddenly learns that the biological father he knew nothing about is a crime lord. Upon witnessing his father's untimely death, he is expected to join forces with his new "family" and is challenged to prove himself.

Rated: 4.6/10 from 394 votes on IMDb

Release Date: N/A

Runtime: 96

Tagline: You Can Choose Your Friends, But You Can't Choose Your Family.

Countries: USA

Directors: Lyndon Chubbuck

Writers: Robert Easter

Budget: N/A

Languages: English

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA