Red Heat – (1985)

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Movie: Red Heat

Year: 1985

Also Known As: Red Heat – Unschuld hinter Gittern

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Genres: Thriller

Cast: Linda Blair, Sylvia Kristel, Sue Kiel, William Ostrander, Elisabeth Volkmann, Albert Fortell, Herb Andress, Barbara Spitz, Kati Marothy, Dagmar Schwarz…

Plot: An American woman visiting her fiancée in West Germany is caught up with a defecting spy and captured by those in the East. After brutal interrogation she is placed in a prison along with sadistic guards and in-mates. As she tries to survive in a world of deprivation and rape, her fiancée fights his own bureaucracy in an attempt to find her.

Rated: 4.4/10 from 392 votes on IMDb

Release Date: (USA)

Runtime: 104

Tagline: Only one film could top the intensity of CHAINED HEAT. This is it!

Countries: West Germany, USA, Austria

Directors: Robert Collector

Writers: Robert Collector, Gary Drucker

Budget: N/A

Languages: English

Location: Mafilm, Budapest, Hungary