Scandalo – (1976)

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Movie: Scandalo

Year: 1976

Also Known As: Escándalo

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Genres: Drama

Cast: Franco Nero, Lisa Gastoni, Raymond Pellegrin, Andréa Ferréol, Claudia Marsani, Antonio Altoviti, Carla Calò, Franco Patano, Laura Nicholson

Plot: 1940 France just before the great invasion. Eliane is a pharmacist who is married to her dull husband and has a teenage daughter. Eliane is an attractive woman who has let her passion fall dormant. One evening, the pharmacy clerk makes a pass at her when he thinks she is another girl. Soon she lets the passion overtake her and she soon becomes his sex slave.

Rated: 6.6/10 from 113 votes on IMDb

Release Date: (Turkey)

Runtime: 110

Tagline: The more erotic it gets… the more beautiful it feels.

Countries: Italy

Directors: Salvatore Samperi

Writers: Ottavio Jemma, Salvatore Samperi

Budget: N/A

Languages: English

Location: Incir De Paolis Studios, Rome, Lazio, Italy